Attach Your Brand To A Great Cause  

 What better way to reach your audience than on a platform that is reducing drunk driving!  

Advertising With a Cause

Time and time again, we see consumers responding to socially responsible companies.  IntoxBox is quickly becoming one of the first names in responsible drinking and our advertising platform allows you to align yourself directly with our cause.

It’s one thing to say, “Don’t Drink and Drive”, but we believe we’re making a much larger impact by giving people the resource they need to make better decisions. Aligning yourself with a product that is saving people on a nightly basis will go a long way to strengthening your brand.

Advertising Features

  • 19″ Digital Display
  • Video Capable
  • Remote Ad Loading
  • Performance Tracking

Custom Decal Sponsorships

  • Fully customizable to your brand
  • Visibility throughout the bar
  • Direct impression
  • Strong brand recognition

Custom Coasters

IntoxBox gives coasters to our bars to help spread our responsible drinking message and raise awareness about our product in our establishments. This is another opportunity for our sponsors to make an impression on the bar audience.

  • Reach thousands of bar customers each month in every location
  • Attach your brand to our responsibility message
  • Joint or exclusive sponsorship opportunities