Original Story

By Bret Buganski
November 15, 2013

ST. FRANCIS (WITI) — A St. Francis bar has installed a first-of-its-kind interactive breathalyzer called “Intoxbox” to help keep patrons safe. The device reads your blood-alcohol content in a matter of seconds.

“It will be an eye opener for some people who don’t have an idea of what they’re doing,” said Carrie Wisniewski, co-owner of Redbar. “This might be a good eye opener for some people to pay attention to how they drink and what they drink.”

The Intoxbox looks somewhat like a jukebox. Patrons insert $2 and, when the machine gives the go-ahead, blow into a provided straw. The device then gives your BAC.

“It gives a patron an opportunity to find out if they’ve had too much to drink before they make the decision to get behind the wheel of their car to go home,” said Wisniewski.

The Minnesota company that produces Intoxbox says the machine is accurate and reliable. In fact, they compare it to the hand-held breathalyzers used by law enforcement.

Wisniewski acknowledges that some will use the device for novelty, but hopes most people will take advantage of it for safety.

“They’ll have, kind of, a moment of clarity where they either have an ‘a-ha’ moment like ‘I’ve had too much to drink but I didn’t realize I was quite this intoxicated’ or ‘wow, I’m enough over the legal limit that I should be concerned about driving,’” said Wisniewski.

The Intoxbox company warns that in order for the reading to be accurate, users must wait at least ten minutes after their last drink before testing.

The machines are also cleaned and calibrated to ensure accuracy.