Get An IntoxBox In Your Establishment

As a bar owner, the safety of your customers is your top priority.  You want them to keep coming back for more good times without having to worry about the potential ramifications of drinking and driving. IntoxBox is the #1 breathalyzer kiosk on the planet and will make your establishment much more appealing to the happy hour goer that can’t afford a DWI. Simply contact your vending professional and request an installation.

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Why You Want An IntoxBox

The #1 reason to have an IntoxBox is to keep your customers safe.  The biggest risk your customers face when they walk into your establishment is the potential of making a bad decision about their means of transportation when they leave. The IntoxBox will help them avoid this costly mistake.
A lot of bar owners ask us if this could leave the open to liability. Rest assured, every customer that uses the IntoxBox must agree to an on-screen disclaimer, and our insurance policy covers our bars against any legal disputes.
It’s one thing to put up signs to ask people to drink responsibly. Providing a lifesaving resource that can actually help people make better decisions is leaps and bounds beyond that. IntoxBox is quickly gaining recognition for our responsible drinking mission, and your bar will look great by supporting our cause.
In the competitive hospitality industry you live in, any differentiation you can get from the bar down the street helps. The IntoxBox is something you can provide that will attract the responsible drinker that wants to have a couple drinks but can’t afford a DUI.
The IntoxBox has never been removed from an establishment for loss of drink sales, nor have we received a single complaint on this topic.