IntoxBox Operators

IntoxBox is sold exclusively to vending professionals in an effort to keep our maintenance standards consistent across the country.  As an operator, you are entitled to all usage revenue made through the IntoxBox and a percentage of the advertising dollars earned.  You are responsible for placement and monthly maintenance, which requires calibration of the breathalyzer and restocking of the straw bin.

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About IntoxBox

All of our vending operators are covered in our liability insurance policy.  In the event of a legal dispute pertaining to the IntoxBox, our policy will cover legal fees.
IntoxBox is manufactured and tested in the US to ensure great quality. You will also have access to assistance from our representatives based in Minnesota.
IntoxBox will try to sell on-screen advertising to display when the unit is not in use.  As an operator, you will be entitled to a percentage of the ads sold on your kiosks.
The IntoxBox is extremely easy to calibrate, taking roughly 30 seconds, and needing no up-front knowledge of breathalyzer equipment.