#1 In Quality Control

IntoxBox’s quality starts with superior technology, but it doesn’t end there.  Our customers deserve an accurate test every time, and we go above and beyond to ensure they get just that when they use the IntoxBox.

Our Maintenance Standards

The recommended calibration cycle for fuel-cells is every 90 days or 300 uses. We go a step further by checking the calibration of each IntoxBox at least every 45 days.
IntoxBox uses medical grade calibration equipment, same quality as law enforcement breathalyzers to check and calibrate our breathalyzers. The calibration canister gas lasts for roughly 400 maintenance visits.
While many breathalyzers require long, confusing calibration processes that leave room for error, IntoxBox has simplified it down to a one-button system that takes 30-seconds to execute.
IntoxBox requires calibration reports from our operators on a monthly basis to prove that the calibration has happened and ensure the breathalyzer is functioning properly.
Every IntoxBox features a calibration log on the side of the kiosk to indicate the last time the breathalyzer was calibrated.  This is our way of being transparent with our customers so they can have confidence in our quality.
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