Setting A Standard In Quality

We have a saying at IntoxBox – “An inaccurate breathalyzer provides the same value as a random-number-generator with a mouthpiece.”

The consumer demand for a quality breathalyzer vending machine is at an all-time high. The public wants to be able to make better decisions with regards to drunk driving and are putting their trust in breathalyzers to help them do so.  But what most consumers don’t know about breathalyzers is that they are not all created equal.  So many factors go into sustainable accurate results from a breathalyzer, and even the best products will lose accuracy within a month or two if not properly calibrated.  As a result, many consumers have thrown their money away on breathalyzers that simply don’t work.

At IntoxBox, we believe that our customers should be able to trust our kiosk to give them law-enforcement-grade accuracy every single time.  With this goal in mind, we spent years perfecting our breathalyzer, putting it side-by-side with law-enforcement technology and testing it with the most advanced medical grade equipment on the planet.  It took a lot more time and money than we originally projected, but we believe that the system we created is the best in the world for commercial use.

Still, the IntoxBox must be maintained regularly to continue to yield accurate results, which is why we’ve also implemented our self-imposed maintenance standards.

Patented De-Condensation System

Our R&D showed that the biggest hurdle to ensuring sustainable accurate results in a bar environment is controlling condensation.  Testing showed that if the condensation was not dealt with after each test, the following test would be compromised by residual alcohol. No breathalyzer in the world had figured out how to deal with this issue. Even police breathalyzers require minutes to air out and rid themselves of condensation. We took this as a challenge.  This video shows you the innovation we came up with and how effective it is in solving the issue.

IntoxBox Put To The Test!

Anyone can claim that their product is accurate, but we were so confident that we wanted to prove it. The IntoxBox was put to the test on a local news station to see if it could stand up to the standards of a law-enforcement breathalyzer.

Custom Kiosk Remote Management System

IntoxBox tracks usage rates and revenue collected to yield a simple report through our custom maintenance app. Advertising for the IntoxBox is able to be loaded remotely and is completely hands off for our operators.

Remote Management Features

  • Log into kiosks remotely
  • Track kiosk usage and revenue
  • Remotely load advertising loops
  • Alerts when kiosk is not online