Responsible by Nature

Many businesses practice responsibility, but IntoxBox is in the business of responsibility. The product was conceived as a privatized solution to a social problem. Drunk driving has long plagued US culture, claiming over 12 thousand lives each year, many of whom are innocent victims. A lot has been done to raise awareness to the problem, yet there still remains a major dilemma: people don’t know when they’ve reached the legal limit. Jon Cummings, of Minnesotans for Safe Driving, puts it best, “Everyone knows when they are at a .20 and shouldn’t be driving. The problem is that most people can’t tell the difference between a .04 and a .12.” We know there are irresponsible people that will continue to knowingly drink and drive, but we believe that most people are responsible and wouldn’t take the risk of driving if they knew they were above the legal limit. The IntoxBox lets you know when you shouldn’t be driving and makes it an easy decision for most people.

The 4 Steps to Lowering Drunk Driving

We know there’s no silver bullet solution to stopping drunk driving.  We’re taking a diversified approach, attacking the problem from all angles.

The Power of Information

Drunk driving is often viewed as a reckless and irresponsible act.  This way of thinking suggests that people are consciously putting themselves and others at risk. As many otherwise responsible, well-respected individuals have found themselves on the wrong side of .08, we questioned the conventional logic, in hopes of finding preventable causes of drunk driving. What we found was AMAZING. Through our friends at Minnesotans for Safe Driving, we surveyed several hundred DWI offenders. The surveys showed that over 60% of offenders believed to be below the legal limit when deciding to drive and almost 70% said they would not have driven had they known definitively that they were over the legal limit. These numbers suggest that, by simply making accurate breathalyzers available to the public in drinking venues, we can help people make the right decision at the end of the night and lower the incidence of drunk driving. 

The Guessing Game

One concern about bar breathalyzers is that they can encourage drinking competitions. However, IntoxBox has found a way to turn a negative into a positive by inventing a game that will benefit the user and encourage responsibility. The IntoxBox prompts the user to guess their BAC before the test. If they are able to guess right, they win a free test. This simple feature takes the attention away from “How high can I blow?” and refocuses the user to try to gauge their level of intoxication. After a few tests on the IntoxBox, users start to develop awareness of how alcohol affects their body, and before long, they are able to gauge themselves more accurately even when a breathalyzer is not available to them. 

Should I

Under normal circumstances, the average American would never risk their lives, their jobs, thousands of dollars in penalties, and months dealing with the legal system. Yet, millions of Americans do just that every year in the form of drunk driving. The impulsiveness and false confidence that alcohol instills in people can be blamed for a lot of this, but many people out there are still uneducated about the consequences of drinking and driving as well as the laws. For this reason, IntoxBox has funded the first and only website that encompasses drunken driving laws and statistics from all 50 states. is a great resource for the average person trying to learn about drunk driving and is also intended to shed light on innovative solutions to stopping drunk driving.

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Providing Access to a Designated Driver

Cab companies and ride services like Uber and Lyft have come a long way in providing convenient transportation for intoxicated individuals. However, our surveys showed that there are still many people who choose to drink and drive because they don’t wish to leave their car behind.  Not only that, but in many parts of the country, overnight parking is illegal and will result in ticketing or towing. That’s where designated driver services come into play.  They drive you AND your car home by sending 2 drivers. IntoxBox has partnered with the #1 designated driver service in Minnesota, Drink And Drive Intelligently (DDI), to educate people about this service and encourage them to use it.  If you represent a designated driver service outside of Minnesota, feel free to contact us about a potential partnership.


Our Responsibility Partners

IntoxBox works closely with these companies and organizations to raise awareness and lower the incidence of drunken driving.